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Smart Safety India Biometric is a budding organization in the security industry and aims to achieve big and hit a homerun every time by offering some great quality of good and service. We are authorized dealers of realtime biometrics which is desirous of providing the people of India quality products such as realtime attendance system, realtime biometric attendance system, real time attendance machine, realtime fingerprint door access, realtime biometric fingerprint reader and the likes. In order to achieve this we have set up of team of some highly qualified who know the technology and are still learning to regularize the affairs in most effective manner. Our team of experts invests their time in upgrading the quality of products along with providing assistance to multiple manufacturer. We at Smart Safety India Biometrics work shoulder by shoulder with our manufacturer (with whom we work as dealers). Visit our product section and you’ll know why we say what we say. Don't lose out your chance of getting some best in the class goods and services which are available at most cost-effective prices.

We at Smart Safety India Biometric known’s the formula of arranging completely innovative and distinctive biometric time attendance system that can put in place and save the time invests in managing time and attendance of student and employees. We offer variety of biometric devices from Fingerprint Attendance Recorder to Thumb based Attendance Machine for our clients. One can also simply get customized Biometric machine for attendance system with us.

Biometric time attendance system and attendance management system can prove to be a turnaround in business places and schools. It can change the way attendance and time management happens in all the places. With the use of just a card or one’s thumb or finger or say biometrics that students or employees touch or show in order to identify themselves and record their attention once they entered in the school or offices. The information so recorded simply gets transferred to the computer for the processing and in the end all the attendance and management work will be done.

Now time to update attendance machines
with latest technology

Every one of the segments is currently receiving the rewards of the best in class technologies. A standout amongst the most pivotal advantages of the coming of technology is the innovation of the best biometric attendance machine. Presently there is no compelling reason to watch out for the time of entry and time of takeoff of each employee. Prior a specific individual must be employed to keep the record of the attendance and time of the employees. These left a ton of space for blunder as the employees with certain passionate reasons or through different quick modes had the capacity to trick the time keeping individual and this brought about the loss of work and cash of the companies.

We are one of the popular biometric attendance machine suppliers with latest technologies. We are experienced service provider so we know that how to deal with clients as per the requirements. We are Biometric attendance system dealers in noida, gurgaon, Delhi offering huge variety and best services in short time period.

Time Management System permits the companies to oversee, screen and produce reports of employee's attendance. This framework fits effectively into the business structure and gives you more noteworthy authority over your staff. It is chiefly utilized by companies which have more than hundreds or thousands of employees. They are utilized in regions, for example, social insurance, money related administrations, transportation or conveyance, retail the board, government, assembling, and neighborliness. Biometric attendance machine provides precise methods for recording employee passages, exits breaks, nonattendance and leaves. This can be compiled to produce the aggregate hours worked and the sum that the employees ought to be paid. Biometric attendance machine price is also an effective part so be careful. Further developed frameworks can consequently solidify this information over different areas, track how hours are allotted crosswise over projects, and screen overtime hours. Attendance recording framework handles company's time and attendance and access control needs.



With various establishments the country over, Biometric Attendance machines help to get the concentrated information at your head-office effortlessly.


Biometric attendance machine software from Realtime is connected with the Payroll Software which forms the pay of each employee with a solitary snap of mouse toward the finish of consistently.



The Data Push Technology of Biometric Attendance frameworks from LINK get continuous information at your server. Indeed, even you can get their notice on sends.


Execution of Time Attendance Machines and Biometric Software’s, the paper and pen use is expelled which specifically lessens the labor and costing also.



Since Biometric is a physiological component of any individual, it is by difficult to undermine any biometric machine for attendance.


Each record is encoded and there is no any plausibility to control the records. You can screen the employee movement like Leaves, Holidays, and shifts and so on

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Door Lock Access Control System

Biometric Attendance System With access control is the new innovation which relies upon the elements like eye retina, fingerprints, voice and mark. So individual who needs to access the system require these components as a authentication. Biometric access control expect scanner to check genuine human highlights and convert it to advanced configuration which can be put away. Door LocK access control system price is now in your own budget available with us.

Face recognition system and its advantages over others. It is one kind of system which depends on biometric innovation. Face acknowledgment system filters entire face of the individual. It incorporates states of face, recolors on face, remove between two eyes, separate among eye and nose, retina sweep and others. Give me a chance to clarify the advantages of face acknowledgment system in detail in next passage. Door access control system price is now as per your own budget and needs available online.

If you are looking for various options like card access door lock system, swipe card door access control systems, rfid door access control system kit + electric magnetic lock, rfid door lock access control system, magnetic card reader door lock, magnetic door lock system are available in affordable price We are leading biometric attendance system in delhi Distributor dealers in Delhi Noida Gurgaon offering best service and deals for you..

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We have solid experience in providing quality programming for Windows/Web condition. We work with our expert group so we can provide service to colleagues up to his fulfillment. Our approach is to provide flawless solution/product to our colleagues paying little mind to what product or service would be essential.


Our Vision

We will become a confided in brand in the worldwide Attendance management system and security industry, sustaining in our clients and communities an everlasting feeling of devotion towards our products and services.


Our Mission

To be the main provider of attendance and door Lock security products, services and solutions in Delhi Noida Gurgaon India and setting up ourselves as a chief brand in the worldwide market by persistent commitment towards magnificence in quality, superior, devoted collaboration and consumer loyalty, enabling us to accomplish manageable.


Our Team

We have set benchmark in the business. Our prosperity and development in this industry is the aftereffect of our experienced professionals. We have experienced and talented group of IT professionals, programming designers, engineers, experts, R and D experts, quality examiners, pressing work force, deals and advertising and so forth, every individual from the group pursues a client arranged approach and offer the best solutions according to the requests of colleagues and clients.



Respectability: Work with Honesty and Transparency. Regard: Show regard and mankind towards our partners and clients alike. Magnificence: Produce quality merchandise and services going for the most noteworthy gauges in everything that we do. Obligation: Continue to be delicate and capable to the communities and condition we work in.

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This is something that will entice everyone as specifically this one is brought into the lights keeping in mind the issues and mismanagement that takes place as far as attendance management is concerned. Other features are Attendance Report, Daily Attendance Summary and likes.


One can also simply get customized Biometric machine for attendance system as per your need, requirement and budget.

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What we have in our store for our clients are Centralized Data Management, Attendance Business Intelligence, Missing Punch Approval System, MIS Dashboards and many more. Smart safety India is an organization which aims to disrupt biometric industry. We have created a pool of manufacturers whose looking forward to offer the citizens of india high tech biometric attendance devices. There are multiple manufacturers one of which is REAL-TIME BIOMETRIC. We are authorized dealer of real-time biometric and provide all its quality profound biometric attendance systems

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Smart safety India offers 24*7 support policy. Our team highly experienced support Engineers cater the needs of the users through On Site or Off site support 24*7.