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Smart Safety India Biometric is a budding organization in the security industry and aims to achieve big and hit a homerun every time by offering some great quality of good and service. We are authorized dealers of realtime biometrics which is desirous of providing the people of India quality products such as realtime attendance system, realtime biometric attendance system, real time attendance machine, realtime fingerprint door access, realtime biometric fingerprint reader and the likes. In order to achieve this we have set up of team of some highly qualified who know the technology and are still learning to regularize the affairs in most effective manner. Our team of experts invests their time in upgrading the quality of products along with providing assistance to multiple manufacturer. We at Smart Safety India Biometrics work shoulder by shoulder with our manufacturer (with whom we work as dealers). Visit our product section and you’ll know why we say what we say. Don't lose out your chance of getting some best in the class goods and services which are available at most cost-effective prices.

We at Smart Safety India Biometric known’s the formula of arranging completely innovative and distinctive biometric time attendance system that can put in place and save the time invests in managing time and attendance of student and employees. We offer variety of biometric devices from Fingerprint Attendance Recorder to Thumb based Attendance Machine for our clients. One can also simply get customized Biometric machine for attendance system with us.

Biometric time attendance system and attendance management system can prove to be a turnaround in business places and schools. It can change the way attendance and time management happens in all the places. With the use of just a card or one’s thumb or finger or say biometrics that students or employees touch or show in order to identify themselves and record their attention once they entered in the school or offices. The information so recorded simply gets transferred to the computer for the processing and in the end all the attendance and management work will be done.

HIGHLIGHT OF SMART SAFETY INDIA Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi

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This is something that will entice everyone as specifically this one is brought into the lights keeping in mind the issues and mismanagement that takes place as far as attendance management is concerned. Other features are Attendance Report, Daily Attendance Summary and likes.


One can also simply get customized Biometric machine for attendance system as per your need, requirement and budget.

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What we have in our store for our clients are Centralized Data Management, Attendance Business Intelligence, Missing Punch Approval System, MIS Dashboards and many more. Smart safety India is an organization which aims to disrupt biometric industry. We have created a pool of manufacturers whose looking forward to offer the citizens of india high tech biometric attendance devices. There are multiple manufacturers one of which is REAL-TIME BIOMETRIC. We are authorized dealer of real-time biometric and provide all its quality profound biometric attendance systems

24*7 Support Policy

Smart safety India offers 24*7 support policy. Our team highly experienced support Engineers cater the needs of the users through On Site or Off site support 24*7.